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Lake to Lake Realty

Steve Last


Buying a home for the first time can be as exhilarating as it is exasperating, as daunting as it is exciting. You can help the process be a smooth, enjoyable time of your life by being an educated consumer. The power is in your hands.

Many people feel that the process of purchasing real estate is something that has to be handed over to outside parties, bankers and real estate agents, while the prospective buyer crosses his or her fingers in hopes that everything will work out. That is definitely not the case. You are in full control of your purchase. You just need to do a little groundwork and allow adequate time.

There are two key processes that you should consider well before the time to purchase comes around. The first and probably most important thing you can do for yourself is to get pre-approved by a reputable lending company. Don’t let your first real estate purchase be a guessing game. Getting pre-approved will not only give you time to correct any issues that may need attention in your credit score, it lets you know how much you can safely borrow. Many first time buyers qualify for more than they anticipate, but don’t let your enthusiasm take you into dangerous territory. Remember to walk the line between getting as much from your *wish list* as you can while also allowing for all the added extra financial responsibilities of owning a home. I want your first home buying experience to be a pleasure.

Pre-approval also gives you the advantage on any offer to purchase that you make on a property. It speeds up the process and lets the seller know that you are coming to them with a serious offer. If given the choice between an offer to purchase from a pre-approved buyer and one that is not, the choice is clear which offer the seller will consider more seriously. It could mean the difference between getting your dream home, and settling for your second or third choice.

Pre-approval can be obtained at the lending agency of your choice. If you are unfamiliar with the lending agencies in this area, Lake to LakeRealty ( can provide names of trusted lenders in Kenosha County. Or you can contact me directly at 262-271-2712 to obtain a list of lenders, or the Lake to Lake Realty Office at 262-843-8900. You can also e-mail me with any questions you have at

Second, the fun part! Shop around. Shop around a lot!!! Get a good feel for what is out there, what you can afford, and what your *wish list* will cost. Know your market. Be an educated consumer for what will be one of the biggest investments of your life.

You can do this on your own by visiting the numerous Real Estate websites available, including Lake to Lake Realty Or you can choose a simpler solution by contacting me and discussing your wants and needs in purchasing a home. I can enter your information into a secure program that will search for, and send, any real estate listings that fit your criteria to you automatically via e-mail. You can then view them in the privacy of your own home at your leisure. The service is free, you have nothing to lose! All you need is a price range, a *must have* list and a *wish list*. I can input the data and have the results e-mailed to you to view within minutes. You will have your own Real Estate world at your fingertips – literally! And once your criteria is entered, any new listing that become available will automatically be e-mailed to you. I would be happy to provide this service for you.

Please contact me at 262-271-2712,

or send me an e-mail at